Meizu m3 note用Flyme betaがリリース。Loop Jacketに対応するアップデート

Meizu m3 note用Flyme betaがリリース。Loop Jacketに対応するアップデート


Meizu m3 noteにMeizu製ジャケット型の純正ケースであるLoop Jacketに対応するためのアップデートとなる、Flyme betaがリリースされました。




Change Log | Flyme beta

Change Log | Update Highlights
Support Loop Jacket ring protective sleeve Smart Window
Support envelopes assistant

Change Log | system
· Added: long shots and local screenshot function, simultaneously press the volume keys and power button trigger
· Optimization: Increase the application of split-screen adaptation more third-party applications
· Optimization: update the underlying Unicode, show more support for emoji expression

Change Log | Settings
· Added: increased accessibility Accessibility Options
· Added: "Quick Switch Management", adding VPN, screenshots, mobile hotspot, driver assistance, mobile phone acceleration switch

Change Log | Weather
* Added: sharing mood-cards

Change Log | camera
· Added: scan code mode, support for the two-dimensional code and bar code scanning

Change Log | Gallery
· Added: "Sticker" feature
· New: Self-independent library folder


Meizu m3 note用 Flyme beta (Android 5.1.0)
サイズ:1.00 GB (1,082,107,903 バイト)
ディスク上のサイズ:1.00 GB (1,082,109,952 バイト)