Meizu U20の全網通公開版用Flyme、全網通電信版用Flymeがリリース

Meizu U20の全網通公開版用Flyme、全網通電信版用Flymeがリリース


Meizu U20の全網通公開版用Flyme、全網通電信版用Flymeが12月2日にリリースされました。





update record

Function adjustment
This update sync Flyme 5 the latest features, the following is part of the new features

• Gallery
Add a new Flyme cloud album for you to save those precious memories

• Red Bags Assistant
Red envelope assistant QQ support grab red envelopes, so you no longer miss every red envelope

• Settings
Fingerprint unlock and lock the screen to achieve separate settings to meet your needs in different scenarios of unlocking (only supports a fingerprint recognition model)
In the phone password / password to increase the screen inside the voice assistant switch, an excellent protection of the charm of the faithful faithful
In the application of encryption and document lock area settings in the item to increase the associated Flyme account switch, forgot password can log Flyme account reset password, password too? Forget it does not matter.

• Input
Move the voice input to the spacebar, long press to recognize and enter, first use the supported language selection
The logic of the falling input symbol is adjusted to make the input more sensitive and precise

• phone Guardian
On the fraud, marketing and other smart phone interception, saving you every little time
The traffic module has been revised and optimized for polling and correction of traffic
Clear cache information automatically and remind you when your phone's storage is low
For all applications open "lock screen display interface" permissions, your phone you call the shots

• Global search
Added support for video search, variety, film, TV and animation 4 kinds of video can be searched

• Reading
Add sign-in function, sign-in will receive points, coupons and other incentives
Check-in coupons will be used for book arrivals and can be viewed in "My Center - My Coupons"



(全網通公開版)Meizu U20用 Flyme
サイズ:1.20 GB (1,296,459,485 バイト)
ディスク上のサイズ:1.20 GB (1,296,461,824 バイト)



(全網通電信版)Meizu U20用 Flyme
サイズ:1.17 GB (1,266,264,989 バイト)
ディスク上のサイズ:1.17 GB (1,266,266,112 バイト)