Meizu PRO 7-S/PRO 7-H/PRO 7 PlusにFlyme Stableがリリース

Meizu PRO 7-S/PRO 7-H/PRO 7 PlusにFlyme Stableがリリース


先日リリースされたFlyme Stableにバグが見つかったため、修復版としてFlyme Stableがリリースされています。



Meizu PRO 7-SはMediaTek Helio P25(MT6757CD)搭載モデル、Meizu PRO 7-HはHelio X30(MT6799)搭載モデルです。

Change Logは最下部に有ります。



This firmware is a Chinese version, so some Chinese applications have already been installed.





Meizu PRO 7 Plus
サイズ:1.49 GB (1,609,785,192 バイト)
ディスク上のサイズ:1.49 GB (1,609,826,304 バイト)



Meizu PRO 7-H
サイズ:1.45 GB (1,562,987,825 バイト)
ディスク上のサイズ:1.45 GB (1,563,033,600 バイト)



Meizu PRO 7-S
サイズ:1.45 GB (1,563,143,574 バイト)
ディスク上のサイズ:1.45 GB (1,563,164,672 バイト)


update record

Upgrade Instructions
• This version is a revised version of Flyme New Year Stable
• Any problems encountered during the update or use can be answered through the User Assistance App.
• System updates acquired via mobile push are secure, do not consume storage space, and do not result in data loss.
• The entire update process takes about 20 minutes. Please wait patiently after clicking the "Update Now" button. Do not press the phone button during the update process to prevent the update from being interrupted.
• The phone will reboot automatically during the update, with a small amount of fever is normal, do not worry.
• The system update part of the change description may vary by version, model or network operator, please forgive me.

Function adjustment
• Fast application
No need to install to use the mobile APP, support for creating desktop icons, use faster and easier
Path: App Store - (Featured) Categories - Quick Apps
Meizu service
Provide repair, consulting, store positioning and members enjoy such services, the exclusive accompanying housekeeper
Update Android security patches to improve mobile security
Support the use of hover ball switch avatar tasks, respect each operating habit
Support low-power shutdown, charging to 6% automatically boot
Page browsing process, click the status bar automatically return to the top, to improve reading efficiency
Optimize a key to clean up the logic, killing the larger task of killing memory, improve system fluency
Screenshots quick share function, screenshots below the screen to display thumbnails, a key to share, faster and more convenient
• Gallery
Launch a substantial increase in speed, browsing pictures more smoothly
Optimize the big picture to see the strategy, look faster and clearer picture
Intelligent extraction of information keywords and display in the list, one clear.
Desktop quick reply slide to view complete information, easy to communicate.
• Do not disturb
Support the setting of independent interference free time and date, time to master.
Path: Settings - Do Not Disturb - Timing Enable - Add Time Period - Repeat
Game mode 2.0
Adjust game resource allocation strategy to enhance game fluency
Red envelopes to extend the disappearance of time, take the first to receive money
Added "TIM" shortcut entrance, office information no longer missed
• Portable hotspot
Add a single traffic restrictions, rational sharing, friendship more long-term
Path: Settings - Portable Hotspot - Single Traffic Limit
Update camera algorithms, optimize nighttime camera effects, dynamically adjust photo exposure in bright scenes, take good photos anytime, anywhere
Optimize exposure compensation, reduce exposure compensation sensitivity, expand exposure compensation mode range, support for third-party App calls
• Input
Clipboard content, the cursor positioned to the input box will automatically pop-up paste options, remove the long press, rapid reply
Add quick action: click the cursor position or double-click anywhere in the input box text will pop-up shortcut bar
Meizu wallet
Support the use of two-dimensional code quick payment, pay faster, action handsome
Wake up quickly: the lower left corner of the lock screen wakes up, double-click the primary key to wake up
Path: Settings - Accessibility - double-click the primary key
• apply the avatar
Application avatar 2.0 shock on the line, adapt to more third-party applications, avatar application ease
Path: Settings - Accessibility - Appointments

Problem improvement
Optimize WeChat jumped Caton problem
Solve occasional touch failure problem
Repair long screenshots appear black side phenomenon
Repair the connection Bluetooth headset silent phenomenon
Resolve part of the App flash back problems
Solve the problem of unable to use fingerprinting
Repair multi-tasking card display white screen phenomenon
Solve some scenes flyme restart problem
Solve the problem of camera flashback
Solve the problem of panoramic photo blur
Game mode 2.0
Repair some scenes appear Caton phenomenon
Solve the problem of red envelopes is not displayed in the form of a barrage
Repair part of the scene under the video chat window disappears
Solve the game keyboard input box does not support the issue of copy and paste
Solve part of the scene under the game screen half-screen display problem
Repair calls automatically answer the phenomenon
Solve the problem of no signal after inserting dual card
Solve some scenarios do not recognize the SIM card problem
• Notification and status bar
Fixed the failure of clearing the notification bar to clear the application message
Repair status bar shows the phenomenon of real-time network speed function failure