Meizu PRO 7-S、Meizu PRO 7-H、Meizu PRO 7 Plus用Flyme Stableがリリース

Meizu PRO 7-S、Meizu PRO 7-H、Meizu PRO 7 Plus用Flyme Stableがリリース


背面にタッチ可能な小型ディスプレイを搭載しているMeizu PRO 7-S/PRO 7-H/PRO 7 Plusに安定版となるFlymeがリリースされました。

Meizu PRO 7-SはMediaTek Helio P25(MT6757CD)搭載モデル、Meizu PRO 7-HはHelio X30(MT6799)搭載モデルです。







Flyme Stable

Meizu PRO 7-S
サイズ:1.27 GB (1,368,749,135 バイト)
ディスク上のサイズ:1.27 GB (1,368,752,128 バイト)



Meizu PRO 7-H
サイズ:1.27 GB (1,368,315,294 バイト)
ディスク上のサイズ:1.27 GB (1,368,317,952 バイト)



Meizu PRO 7 Plus
サイズ:1.32 GB (1,419,742,938 バイト)
ディスク上のサイズ:1.32 GB (1,419,743,232 バイト)



update record

Upgrade Instructions
• Any problems encountered during the update or use process can be fed back via the User Help App.
• System updates via mobile push are safe and reliable, do not occupy storage space, and do not cause data loss.
• The entire update process takes about 20 minutes. Please wait after clicking the "Update" button. Do not press the phone button during the update process to avoid the update.
• During the update, the phone will automatically restart, accompanied by a small amount of fever is a normal phenomenon, do not worry.
• Some changes to the system update may vary depending on the version, model, or network operator.

Function adjustment
• Screen 2.0
Vertical business card custom editing, breaking the routine, social play new tricks
New dynamic wallpaper, library resources cut settings, painting screen full publicity
Wallpapers support preview and share, all good can be spread freely
Add MP3 music to play the quick entry, turn the cover to keep up with the rhythm
Grab red packets new skills, click on the screen to unlock the main screen with you to hit the red envelope page
The notification message shows the application icon and the source of the message
Press and hold the "Power key and volume + key" to quickly share the information
Path: Settings - Draw the screen
• Safe family
Binding number to build a family relationship, intelligent identification of fraud SMS / phone, and according to the risk level to trigger different intensity reminders, while supporting callback confirmation, remote pull black and other operations in order to prevent fraud in time.
Record the behavior of the family path and calculate the precise range of activities, when the family path behavior abnormal trigger mechanism. Support the real-time location of your family in the Safe Home page to confirm their security.
Streamline the verification process, easy to establish a connection, one hundred thousand kilometers away can also give their families the most intuitive operation demonstration, to help them complete the complex phone function settings.
Path: Setup - Accessibility - Safe home
• Game Mode 2.0
One Mind again to upgrade, the full launch of the game mode 2.0
QQ / WeChat and other messages in the form of barrage show, the game at a glance. Through the game keyboard in the current page to reply, important notice is no longer missed, grab the red envelope is more words.
Video / voice chat, call incoming and other reminders to adjust to mini-notification, without having to exit the game page to answer / hang up, to fully reduce the game bother.
Game assistant integration screen function, you can choose the beginning and end time, record the situation at any time, easy to harvest fans fans.