Meizu M6 Note用Flyme Stableがリリース

Meizu M6 Note用Flyme Stableがリリース


Snapdragon 625 + 1300万画素と500万画素のデュアルカメラを搭載したMeizu M6 Noteにバグ修正を主としたFlyme Stableがリリースされました。



update record
Upgrade Instructions
• Please check whether the "System Update" app of the mobile phone has a new version. The system updates via mobile phone push are safe and reliable, and will not occupy the storage space, and will not cause the data to be lost.
• Any problems encountered during the update or use process can be fed back via the User Help App.
• The entire update process takes about 20 minutes. Please wait after clicking the "Update" button. Do not press the phone button during the update process to avoid the update.
• During the update, the phone will automatically restart, accompanied by a small amount of fever is a normal phenomenon, do not worry.
• Some changes to the system update may vary depending on the version, model, or network operator.

Function adjustment
• System
Optimize the problem of charging and heating
Optimize automatic light adjustment
Optimize the screen display
Optimize the slowness of charging in some scenes
Repair the camera in some scenes under the occasional flashback
Repair of occasional mobile signal anomalies
Repair the occasional loud voice





Meizu M6 Note用 Flyme
サイズ:1.84 GB (1,982,586,982 バイト)
ディスク上のサイズ:1.84 GB (1,982,590,976 バイト)