Meizu M3X(全網通公開版)Flyme用がリリース

Meizu M3X(全網通公開版)Flyme用がリリース


中国版のMeizu M3X向けに安定版のFlyme 6のアップデートが行われました。


Change Logは最下部に有ります。





Meizu M3X用 Flyme (Android 6.0)
サイズ:1.29 GB (1,395,772,443 バイト)
ディスク上のサイズ:1.29 GB (1,395,777,536 バイト)




update record
This version is a stable version, experience version of this version is a demotion, need to clear the data.
• Color: the new color tone, so that the overall style more texture
• Font: Adjust the font style and spacing to enhance the reading experience
• Typography: rich operating picture layout, experience freshness
• Icon: a new system icon, let the phone a new look
• Z-axis: to enhance the button click effect, feel more three-dimensional visual atmosphere
Notification bar
• Dynamic notification: support for displaying and playing dynamic notifications, making the notification message more interesting
• Notification management: long press the notification can be in the current page management operation, your phone you call the shots
• Screen: System screen recording function, allowing you to remotely teach your parents to play mobile phones
• Notification: Replace the application name with the notification below the icon, and the important information is no longer missing
Long screenshots: support bi-directional long screenshots, and can be used for graffiti, text and mosaic editing
• Fast switch: long press the shortcut switch to enter the editing settings page, switch management more convenient
• Game calls: During the game, call notifications appear in small bubbles and can be rejected or answered at the current interface
• Task card: add the edge of the screen left slide out of the multi-task, while supporting the slide to delete, down the application can be locked, fuzzy and split screen, 2 gestures to enjoy 5 kinds of operations, simple and faster
• Automatic blur: sensitive content is automatically blurred, while supporting free settings, keep your own little secret
• Memory display: the bottom of the task card to increase the display running the memory occupied by the operation, so that everything in your grasp
• Clear All: The cleaning button moves from the top center to the middle of the lower end, making it easier to operate with one hand
• Welcome page: The new Flyme 6 welcome page gives you an advance understanding of Flyme's more changes
• Upgrade interface: redesign the interface in the upgrade process, give you a better upgrade experience
Intelligent Thinking Engine One Mind
Game mode
• Intelligent recognition of APP type, open will improve the performance of the game process, and provide no interference and a variety of disabled gestures, so that the game more fun
Intelligent notification
• Adequate notification of lower priority announcements such as advertising, promotion, recommendation, etc.
• Smart sorting: the division of the notification according to the priority, the higher the priority the more forward notice, one time to read time and effort
Smart sleep
• Determine your schedule by learning your sleep habits, thus limiting the network and saving standby power. While the system self-repair, including the memory fragmentation, system cache and background finishing, so that you wake up to find the phone rebirth
Intelligent background
• Reduce the amount of memory and power that may be consumed by the application in the background, depending on the application properties and the running state, to take a freeze or close policy on the background application intelligence. For applications that are manually set to forbid background operations, they also wisely intelligently keep the application in a working state
Apply seconds to open
• Learn about your APP usage, preload your frequently used apps, and increase your app's startup speed
Find a cell phone
• Disable shutdown: After the loss of the button on the shutdown of the button to lock, so that the phone can not be easily shut down, increase the phone to retrieve the probability
• Automatic positioning: 1 hour after every 4 hours of mobile phone loss, and automatically upload location information in the networked state
• Retrieve data: use the cloud service synchronization capabilities, the contact, call records, information and other data to retrieve
• Change card sending number: After the function is turned on, once the phone is lost and a new SIM card is inserted, the remote network control
Reminder mechanism: SMS when you take pictures of each other, get the phone number and successfully backup data
• Real-time diagnostics: Provides a back-office real-time diagnostic tool that pops up when a network fails or is vulnerable to resolution (supports MX5 and PRO 6)
• Network switching: When the current Wi-Fi is unstable, if the mobile network is open, it will automatically switch to make the Internet more fluid (support MX5 and PRO 6)
Pseudo-base station defense system (supports MX6 and PRO 6)
• Integrate pseudo-base station information and cloud data to keep your phone defensible and keep you away from harassment and scam
• Contact sharing: Generating two-dimensional code for contact information, one-click sharing to social platform, making it easy for others
Cartoon avatar: according to the keyword for avatar matching, while supporting custom settings, so that contact interface fun
• Group settings: support for group SMS and ringtones set to reduce duplication of operations, saving every minute
• Quick Edit: Press any of the "Contact Details" buttons to call out the editing function to make the operation more concise
• Contact Merge: Automatically merge contacts when the contact names are the same and there are numbers overlap. At the same time, increase the manual merger entrance, refused to mess, easy management
• Card SMS: SMS that is recognized as a card When you switch to an original text, support link clicks and select text
• Security policy: security strategy to enhance the verification code SMS, prohibit third-party application read and cloud synchronization, so that the account more secure
• Drafts: Optimize the save logic for text messages and support both drafts and recipients
Replacement Assistant (support in the application store to download)
• Add independent APP, zero traffic to mobile phone data, including contacts, text messages, music and apps, etc.
WeChat moving: easy to move WeChat chat messages, to ensure that all your messages can be quickly and completely migrate to the new machine
Set up
• Based on your habits and frequency, re-adjust the level of each entry in the settings, improve the use of experience, so that the operation more convenient
Parallel space
• Children's space: customized for the children's desktop layout and low power lock screen and other functions to prevent children addicted to mobile phones
• privacy mode: set up through a different password into a different space, while protecting the privacy of clever to resolve the embarrassment
• Sweep mode: A large number of questions, just sweep away, you can easily get the correct answer
• Beauty mode: new beauty function, so you find a different of their own
• Smart beauty: support 5 stalls intelligent beauty adjustment, mobile phone comparable to self-portrait artifact
• Filter: new filter a variety of options to create a large feeling
(MX4, MX4 Pro and charm blue metal will be in the follow-up support), the sunset sunset,
• Wind noise recording: Optimize video scenes, reduce noise generated during recording, and improve video quality
• Gesture exposure compensation: support focus and metering separation, to meet the needs of a variety of scenes under the camera, so that more freedom to take pictures
• Interactive adjustment: Adjusts the recording and beauty functions to the main page and supports sliding switching. At the same time, the "flip lens" button to the bottom, one hand operation more convenient
• Quick start: off screen state, double-click the Home button to quickly start the camera, no longer miss those flashing scenery
• Video Clips: During video browsing, you can edit and add filters to your videos and support the use of your own "theme templates" for life artists
• Panorama album: the panorama of the photo taken to organize and storage, a simple and convenient to browse
• Number of photos: Gallery drop down to view the number of photos and videos stored in the gallery, simple and intuitive
• Quick slider: press and hold the slider to quickly navigate through the progress bar, support the need to navigate to the month, to enhance the browsing speed
• Place names: Click to take place to see all the pictures taken at that location.
• delete photos: add delete photo memory direction, delete photos, remember the order of browsing, operation more smoothly
• Shortcut: When you browse the photo, you can go back to the next level to improve the efficiency of one-handed operation
• Resolution: When viewing photo information, point down the picture, you can customize the resolution
• Image sharing: new image sharing interface, support side to choose to share, so easy to share
phone Guardian
Mobile phone thin
• Reclassify and sort the files generated during the use of the phone, making the slim more in line with the operating habits
• WeChat clear: for the WeChat to provide a unique clean-up strategy to reduce space occupancy
Traffic management
• Added background networking control to enhance network management for third-party applications and prevent spoofing traffic
authority management
• New revision, increase backstage management entry to replace original self-starting management, merge application permissions and security privacy
Power management
• Low battery mode: When the phone is in low battery when prompted, open the smart to determine whether to turn off the Bluetooth, GPS, audio and other functions to extend the phone standby time
• Ultimate power saving mode: simplifies the original design, only after the opening of the phone, SMS and the selected two third-party applications, even at low power can also maintain the basic use needs
• Power consumption details: Optimize the details of the power consumption curve, increase the front desk, background and other power consumption information, easy to capture power applications
Auxiliary function
• Security payment: to strengthen the financial, payment applications, security protection mechanism, anti-theft anti-hacking
• Settings: unified phone steward settings entry, including general settings and function modules set up two major categories, so that the operation more convenient
• One key optimization: Combine mobile phone acceleration and garbage cleanup, streamline operational processes and improve optimization
• Super-mix: support in the phonetic interface to complete a one-time mailbox input, for you to solve the letters and numbers mixed with many times to switch the trouble
• Shortcut phrases: support for editing commonly used phrases, direct calls when typing, input more quickly and efficiently
• Visual optimization: Adjust the input panel's character size and keyboard background to improve the input experience
• Speech recognition: Convert text into text to organize text messages faster and more accurately. While providing voice error correction experience, for the input to create a better experience
Global search
• Search for Lenovo: Search results for Flyme apps in search search for global search
• Travel card: Intelligent identification of travel scenarios, including time reminders and route planning, etc., to do your trip to a small steward
• Home information: We recommend news of interest by learning to judge your preferences
Cloud sync
• Time machine: support to restore contacts to a change point in the past and restore the results of the preview, and a single contact for version management
• Recycle Bin: When the synchronization of data is deleted, you can directly retrieve the phone, you save time for the operation of the page
• Performance optimization: Significantly reduces traffic generated during synchronization and improves synchronization speed for more convenient and efficient synchronization
• FAQ: delimits common questions to answer user doubts about data cloud synchronization
Introduction: New cloud synchronization basic knowledge of science, for new users to provide operational guidelines
System Upgrade
• New interface design and animation effects make upgrades more interesting
• Upgrade notice: let you know in advance the new version of the subsidiary features and release time, important updates are no longer missed
• missed important updates: to remind the number of missed updates and feature highlights, each upgrade has its meaning
User help (do not support Smile and MX4)
• Remote assistance: support for help from friends and relatives or help with friends and relatives, distance can not be your obstacle (support PRO 6, PRO 6s, MX6, PRO 6Plus and PRO 5)
• SMS help: help after the help party will receive a text message, click on the message you can directly help each other to solve the problem, simple and fast
• Voice confirmation status: help to confirm the identity of the other party before the connection, so that the phone more secure
• Privacy: When the help party tries to open the privacy application of the help party, it is necessary to ask the help party to confirm the pop-up prompt before proceeding to protect your privacy
• Voice transmission: After the connection is successful, the help can turn on or off the voice function, communicate more convenient
• Graffiti: support the use of graffiti on the other side of the screen to mark, so that your solution more clearly
• Subscribe to the square: a new revision, support for subscription cinema, hit TV and NBA, direct purchase and watch
the weather
• Forecast date: The weather forecast is extended from the next 4 days to the next 15 days to minimize the impact of the weather on the plan
• Short-term forecast: accurate weather forecast for the next 1 hour, no longer with no umbrella
• Air Quality Forecast: Display local air quality, enter the page to view city rankings and details
• Attractions forecast: nearly 2,000 popular domestic attractions and the world's 1000 international cities in the weather forecast, travel more at ease
• Data source: Fully accessible ink data to make weather more richer and accurate
File management
• Recent files: new files will be displayed directly in the "nearest", find more convenient
• Lock area: lock area to add hidden switch, to avoid others see the entrance and embarrassing
voice assistant
• Home Recommend Flip: Each flip gives you a different content that makes reading more interesting
• In-app voice wake-up: support for voice wake-up within the application, activation of the recording again and entry
• Editorial language: to solve the mixed rate of mixed knowledge in Chinese and English mixed, uncommon words and other issues, two-pronged approach, the input more convenient
• World map: small cell phone world, easy to find a city on the map location
• Offsite time query: toggle the twilight line in the world clock, adjust the time anytime, anywhere
• Voice clip: Easily clips voice, allowing you to change the audio song to the big god
• Protractor: Enrichs the measurement tool in the toolbox and supports real measurement
• Turn the coin function: When the dilemma is encountered, let the coin decide it
Decibel: not only can measure the current environment of the decibel value, you can also see the decibel value of the impact on the body
• Mortgage Calculator: a key to calculate the mortgage, for you to plan every penny
• Tax calculator: a key to calculate the tax function, the monthly income was clearly recorded
• Binary calculator: skills plus body, the secret weapon of Pa Pa
• Featured pictures: support for online selection of pictures, the value of both at the same time
• Time Reminder: When the record expires, you will be prompted to make a small steward of your life
• To do: leave the message left to set to stay, so that work is more organized
• Meeting Invitation: A manager who receives a meeting invitation and generates a schedule and reminds it.
• Do not disturb the mode: work and live apart, give yourself a little space
• Login Help: Provide guidance for account login and save time
• Weibo mode: Added map Weitu mode display, at any time to view the current geographical location of the real terrain
Meizu information: Meizu store, service center entrance and specific store information in "surrounding pages"
• Optimize: Adjust the visual interaction, modify the visual style of the top bar background and real-time road conditions, make your eyes more comfortable
Domestic services
• Package: Added Flyme 6 User Exclusive Gift Pack
• Smart Reminder: Create a message center, aggregate travel reminder and recommendation information, travel more at ease
• City Scene Service