Meizu M3X(全網通公開版)用Flyme stableがリリース

Meizu M3X(全網通公開版)用Flyme stableがリリース


全網通公開版のMeizu M3X用Flyme stableがリリースされました。

Flyme 6はFlyme Betaが最新版です。


Clear Dataの必要はありません。

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Meizu M3X用 Flyme (Android 6.0.1)
サイズ:1.19 GB (1,285,776,227 バイト)
ディスク上のサイズ:1.19 GB (1,285,779,456 バイト)






update record
Problem improvement
The following is a small partner in the use of the process found and feedback problems, after the engineers have been resolved debugging. Suggest small partners to upgrade experience, version, optimization of more than ~
• System
Improve system stability, repair part of the scene under the probabilistic restart problem
The compatibility of third-party applications to tune,
Optimize the application of power consumption performance, to solve the problem of power display delay
• Audio
Optimize the phenomenon of serious current in the process of playing the game
Fix the music when the volume is too small
Adjust the audio parameters, optimize the hands-free uplink effects and downlink noise problems
Repair the four-stage headset half insert and then insert the key caused by the invalid
Fix the headset to play 16bit audio files after the pause playback, continue to play the sound will become larger problems
Repair long press the headset key to automatically hang up the call appears sharp hook sharp problem
• Camera
Improve camera stability
Optimize the automatic mode to open the manual metering, switching mode after the metering does not disappear phenomenon
Optimize the thumbnail generation speed after taking a picture in square mode
Fix the automatic rotation of the panorama in file management, notes, or sharing
Repair the low memory when the camera was killed
When playing back music, use the low probability splash screen problem with front camera video
Repair the vertical screen video and save, play the video switch to the horizontal screen after the probability of black screen phenomenon
• communication
Leave the Wi-Fi area after the return, automatically reconnect the first few minutes can not access the phenomenon
Repair connected to the Bluetooth speaker, the playback occurs when the phenomenon of re-connected
To solve the connection Cadillac car Bluetooth after the emergence of music to play the silent problem
Fix the connection to the Bluetooth headset
• Lock screen
Solve the problem of complex password interface emergency call and cancel the occlusion
Repair lock screen password freeze, the use of fingerprints to unlock the desktop and then lock the screen, suggesting that the wrong password
• settings
Fix the SIM card name for a specific character after entering the "dual card and network" flashback phenomenon
Resolve the problem of setting card 2 to the actual setting of card 2
• Download management
Fix the use of the download manager to download the picture, the picture can not be found in the library