Meizu U20(U685)用Flymeがリリース

Meizu U20(U685)用Flymeがリリース

Flyme Update

Under 20の意味を持つ、MシリーズのUブランドスマートフォンのMeizu U20(U685)に3度目のアップデートとなるFlymeがリリースされました。





update record

Optimization: call sound Some situations may be suddenly big suddenly small, with noise
Optimization: mobile phone standby after a certain time, for the first time into the application may be a white screen phenomenon
Optimization: to strengthen the application between the wake-off management
Optimization: camera panorama algorithm testing
Optimization: Special processing algorithms for preventing false contact between the left and right lower edges
Optimization: screen wake-up time, gesture wake-up insensitive
Optimization: light perception is now the problem of failure
Optimization: memory fragmentation of the program, optimizing part of the scene of the Caton problem
FIX: Some applications may experience flashbacks during use
Repair: enter the cell phone butler immediately optimize, even now mobile phone housekeeper flashback
FIX: Some public WLAN issues can not be connected
Repair: Click the status bar Bluetooth shortcut, even now abnormal error
Fix: In some cases, there may be no call interface
FIX: Gesture wake-up can not correctly recall the awakened application
Repair: Optimization of the five scenes may crash the problem, improve system stability



Meizu U20用 Flyme (Android 6.0)
サイズ:1.18 GB (1,271,785,868 バイト)
ディスク上のサイズ:1.18 GB (1,271,787,520 バイト)