Meizu PRO 6 Plus用Flymeがリリース

Meizu PRO 6 Plus用Flymeがリリース


Meizu PRO 6 Plus(M686)にFlyme 5.2の安定版となるFlymeが1月16日にリリースされました。



Meizu PRO 6 PlusにはFlyme 6がリリースされており、現時点での最新ファームウェアはFlyme betaとなっていますので、必要な方は以下の記事をご覧ください。





update record
Problem improvement
The following is the charm of faithful in the process of discovery and feedback problems, after debugging engineers have been resolved. Recommended charm faithful upgrade experience, version of the endless optimization of more than ~
• System
Optimization of low-temperature conditions are rarely even screen insensitive phenomenon
Occasionally, the time displayed in the status bar is out of sync with the system time
When the headset is connected, clicking on the micro message voice message while playing music creates a noise
The Bluetooth headset is connected abnormally
Repair the phenomenon of Caton in the upgrade process
When using WeChat for video / voice calls, adjust the volume appears invalid
• Communication
Optimize network downtime for specific scenarios
Dual card state, the use of sub-card call after the exception
The operator information displayed in the card is incorrect
Using the secondary card to send MMS, the main card data recovery slower
Phone set the PIN code after the emergency call, can not normally dial out
Even after you connect to Wi-Fi, you can not load the list
• Camera
To further optimize the camera's shooting
• Clock
Occasionally alarm clock is not the case
• Music
Some formats of music files do not appear in the list



Meizu PRO 6 Plus用 Flyme
サイズ:1.08 GB (1,162,347,262 バイト)
ディスク上のサイズ:1.08 GB (1,162,350,592 バイト)