Meizu Pro 6用Flyme Stableがリリース

Meizu Pro 6用Flyme Stableがリリース


Meizu Pro 6にマイナーアップデートとなるFlymeがリリースされました



Change Log | Flyme public stable version

Change Log | system
· Optimization: To stabilize the system, repair some scenes even now the issue of resuming
· Optimization: Update Baseband version, to enhance the stability of the call
· Optimization: Optimize camera performance and improves performance
· Optimization: Optimization of light perception, improved automatic brightness adjustment
· Fixed: connecting portion Bluetooth headset Bluetooth headset does not show power
· Fixed: GPS now can not even switch problem

Change Log | Settings
· Wi-Fi: Wi-Fi modify details page, increase network speed, network diagnosis, network security and other options
· Quick Switch management: notification and status bar add "quick switch management," adding screenshots and other switches
Dual card Ringtones: support for dual card set different ringtones
· Voice wake: Accessibility new "Voice wake-up" set the entry

Change Log | voice assistant
· Weather broadcast: voice broadcast new weather features, support local, remote, specify the date and check the weather broadcast
· Optimization: Optimization of alarm to remind user experience, allows you to view and close all the alarm

Change Log | Video
· Resources: rich video resource library, massive heart to see the video
· Membership services: members of on-line services, film library to provide members and privileges such as free advertising
· Channel: Channel Home screen adjustment, increase recommended pages and list of categories, optimal screening experience

Change Log | Search
· Read Share: click on the search results without having to jump, to provide an immersive reading experience, and support the sharing of
· Travel Card: Smart card parse messages and generate schedules, offers intimate travel alert service

Change Log | Weather
· Optimization: temperature profile supports long press for more information
· Optimization: One week weather data increases 'Yesterday' data
· Optimization: Weather plug-in supports 12-hour clock

Change Log | notes
• Subject: Add more theme templates
· Optimization: slip view support group
· Optimization: Optimize notes packet management experience

Change Log | Calendar
Invite: Invite meeting support in the form of picture sharing
• Set: support off the display past events and denial events
· Notification: Add a calendar notification reminder switch

Change Log | Read
· Book: reading text Group access library resources
• Set: Increase the "Reader Preferences" and "Universal" setting options
· Share: Book Excerpt supported as a picture sharing
• Subject: New retro eye and two themes
· Font: font sizing readers increased to 12
· Synchronization: Support Cloud Sync reading progress

Change Log | Music
· Whole network search: New search the entire network to support the search for more audition song
· Status Bar Lyrics: Add lyrics display and switch the status bar
· Lock screen music: Add music lock screen switch
· FM Radio: New FM radio
· Music Comments: Add Comments Reply to comment and thumbs up function
· Local Scan: Add a local music key scan function
· Folder Management: Add all folders management functions
· Manual adjustment sequence: playlist support manually adjust the playback sequence
· Optimization: an increase in the notification bar and music collection buttons, pinch to adjust the size of the playback controls

Change Log | lock screen
· Optimization: increase the lock screen music "collection" and "cycle" button

Change Log | Free flow pass fast
· Free flow pass fast: optimized file sharing experience, increase visualization page

Change Log | Gallery
· Crop: Crop optimization function library experience
· Optimization: Add "Burst Snapshot" and "Self" album

Change Log | Mobile housekeeper
· Similar Photos: new thin phones similar photos cleanup capabilities to help reduce the space occupied

Change Log | clock
· Ringtones: Ringtones alarm edit page increase online entry

Change Log | Map
· Optimization: new intersection zoom function, complex junctions distinguish
· Optimization: New pathway to function, the line speed up planning
· Optimization: Optimize Notification Bar alerts and localization algorithm

The change log | browser
Optimization: Increase "ad blocking" feature and "recommended content of the message" Switch


Meizu Pro 6用 Flyme Stable (Android 5.1.0)
サイズ:1.07 GB (1,154,442,964 バイト)
ディスク上のサイズ:1.07 GB (1,154,445,312 バイト)