Meizu Pro 5(国際版)用Flyme OSがリリース

Meizu Pro 5(国際版)用Flyme OSがリリース


国際版向けのMeizu Pro 5にFlyme OSがリリースされました。


The brand new Flyme OS 5.1
Flyme Account is removed from this version


Change Note:
Fresh user interface with abundant delicate dynamic details. Improved system stability and smoothness with the system intelligently adjust to optimal using conditions according to system performance and temperature to save power and optimize system status.


Functions such as Synchronization, Communications, and Notifications might be delayed or disabled due to the changes and optimizations in the phone storage. The task manager of the new Flyme will end processes of closed apps and release memories correspondingly. If you want certain progress to be kept running in background, please add the app into 'Acceleration whitelist' in Security > Accelerator > Settings.


Download via mobile data may cause extra data fees, downloading via Wi-Fi is recommended;
Please backup your data before upgrade to avoid data loss or damage;
Please do not turn off or reboot the phone during the upgrading process to avoid system damage.

国際(International)版Meizu _Pro 5用 Flyme OS (Android 5.1.0)
サイズ:934 MB (979,438,967 バイト)
ディスク上のサイズ:934 MB (979,439,616 バイト)