Meizu MX6用Flymeがリリース

Meizu MX6用Flymeがリリース


Meizu MX6に3度目のアップデートとなるFlymeがリリースされました。



Update Log

Optimization: flickering screen appears in daily use
Fix: now even the end of the call, left ear crash
Repair: Fast finger placement, the fingerprint does not match kept Tips
FIX: Alipay launched fingerprint payment interface will be stuck
FIX: Very low probability can not be charged
Repair: USB sound card to play part of the band's audio noise

Download Manager
Optimization: Turn on your mobile data, click on the download task silent whether to use the mobile network to download
Fix: manually add a link to download, the download manager will now flash back

Optimization: Camera Power
Optimization: Optimization of front and rear camera effects
Optimization: Flash Effect

Optimization: Update Baseband version, to enhance the stability of communication
Fix: Open File Manager Select File transfer with fast file sharing Free flow intermittent failure
Fix: Even now turn on Bluetooth, the system will be stuck black
FIX: Double Unicom card inserted specify a single card can not send text messages and make phone calls

Added: call log Press to increase copy number
FIX: Unable to export contacts to the SIM card on your phone, when you click the Export flash automatically returned to the contact list
FIX: cell phone attached pea pods import contacts, computer terminal prompts successful, but the phone does not display contacts






Meizu MX6用 Flyme (Android 6.0)
サイズ:1.09 GB (1,180,589,216 バイト)
ディスク上のサイズ:1.09 GB (1,180,590,080 バイト)