Meizu MX3用Flyme betaがリリース

Meizu MX3用Flyme betaがリリース


Meizu MX3に三度目のFlyme 5のアップデートとなるFlyme betaがリリースされました。

非LTEスマートフォンでFlyme 5が提供されているのは、Meizu MX3のみです。


Update Log

Set up
New: increase in phone settings in "Call flash remind" switch
FIX: The language is set to English, the setting - Fixed Change Password interface error copywriting - and fingerprint security - complex password

Status Bar
Fix: drop-down notification bar, you can not draw close on the notification bar, pull you off your back, you will not eat vomit
FIX: Do Not Disturb icon status bar is too small
FIX: Status Bar download speeds of more than 2M / s, the speed of the drop-down notification bar displays 0K / s
Fixed: notification bar screenshot button does not work
Empty card icon is not displayed after pulling SIM card: Repair
Fixed: notification bar strip brightness change process is not smooth
Optimization: lock screen notification when more than one screen is hard-cut problems, so more beautiful lock screen notifications
Optimization: Immersive status bar effect

Landscaping theme
Fix: download fonts, when the button below to download the 100% time and return to download the words, you can not successfully download problems -

File Management
Optimization: Optimization of locked area upgrade strategy
FIX: storage space, "File Manager - Lock Area" After the upgrade, the emergence of the file is missing, rest assured, a small movie it will not be eaten
FIX: After the upgrade is complete, from the notification bar click unfinished upgrade option into the folder, press the Home button to return to the desktop, "the upgrade is complete locking area" bomb box does not disappear
Fix: Open the document within OTG U disk, the file does not exist

Lock screen
Optimization: charging animation lock screen left whole problem, even if it is offset by one pixel in all escape my discernment
Fix: horizontal screen page press the key combination shots after the lock screen, lock screen into horizontal screen interface
Optimization: music lock screen interface effects

Optimization: handwriting input, the first word of the default input directly into the edit box, the first word of confession: the exhaustion of power prehistoric jump into the edit box
Optimization: Lenovo Pinyin under state, click "," on-screen logical question "0" key "."
FIX: After entering the full-screen handwriting more candidate word handwritten pages returned again to the first pen stroke does not respond or there is a line handwriting problem

Optimization: video playback power performance, watching an episode of "Silver Soul" there is so much power, continue with these ideas together Siyu Yan
FIX: Wi-Fi connection did not open flow, choose to play the video but suggested that traffic is being used to play
FIX: When playing the video section, suggesting that "fail to play, click on Exit" after phone restart

Optimization: Modify lock screen clock UI, UI look better, then do not stay in bed, is that simple

System Upgrade
New: Night upgrade mode. Have a minute to help you save up, do not waste it.

phone Guardian
Added: extreme power saving mode, the lock screen to increase the remaining battery information is displayed, - "Do not worry, do not run do not run I do not run, I was on the lock screen." - "Hold your power king."
Added: power-hungry applications prompt, easily caught sneaking backstage application
FIX: Program has been closed, but the notification bar also displays notification read permissions positioning

Optimization: When the card is not in the long-term process of search network cause serious power, those in the drawer of the spare machine can persist longer friends

Voice assistant
Optimization: Now voice assistant will give you recommend more exciting content. To chat with creek, poetry Huaqianyuexia can talk
FIX: Contacts have set avatar, use voice search assistant avatar inconsistent with the actual contact information

Repair: GIF recording, click Cancel image recording, slide the screen up and down the front and rear can not be switched
Fix: manually set the exposure after taking, again return to invalidation
FIX: sporadic open grid line function is not in effect
FIX: Turn the camera even now appear "OK" exception alerts, cause the camera can not be used
Optimization: Modify photographs sound resources
FIX: Under camera mode interface, enter the Task Manager, the camera icon displays an unusual size
FIX: When setting the exposure long after the first press the camera shutter timing, the second time you press the shutter, the length of exposure calculation and display settings such as long term overlap
Fix: Under certain circumstances the use of flash back filters, and sync all filters
Repair: Inconsistent photo effects filters under

File Management
Optimization: File management - Image - file image to view all logic
Fix: Open File Manager's "recently added" will flash back, the problem persists after restart
Fix: Some file management folder name garbled
Fix: Move the file to the device, the top bar does not display the path to the disk storage
FIX: copy a file to a mobile hard disk partition, click the Back button to display a blank hard disk partition

Cloud Sync
FIX: cloud sync status bar icon shows excessive

FIX: When you receive operator information click on the bottom menu bar charge traffic information flash back
FIX: MMS inside the audio file can not be saved to a local

Optimization: Stock refresh rate
Fix: Gallery album full management option is not selected or all operations, then click OK, the flash gallery to return the desktop -
FIX: When you set a specific photo Click Wallpaper gallery flash back problems
FIX: New Album Album Cloud upload photos, there is always a failure due to network failure Upload

Optimization: hang up the call interface to let go when the response
FIX: When you will be prompted to delete the group grouping "Group name already exists' cause can not be deleted
Fix: After a call when Bluetooth mode, press the Home key back into the QQ, a chat session after entering any chat interface returns list again, the sound is cut into the phone handset. (Please update to QQ 6.5.0)
FIX: When connecting a Bluetooth headset, high moral navigation under the micro-channel voice answer, headphones only voice calls, no voice navigation
Fix: Even now unknown number can not answer incoming calls, you can save it as a normal human contact calls

Lock screen
Fix: Even now upgrade from a lower version to the lock screen password Flyme 5 incompatibility problems

Fix: play video in a browser, during playback, the page automatically switches to the next video, the browser unresponsive

Find your phone
Repair: I Find the phone occasionally unable to resolve the problem of address information





Meizu MX3用 Flyme beta (Android 5.1.0)
サイズ:844 MB (885,707,988 バイト)
ディスク上のサイズ:844 MB (885,710,848 バイト)