Meizu m2 mini(中国電信版)向けのFlyme OSがリリース

Meizu m2 mini(中国電信版)向けのFlyme OSがリリース


中国電信向けのMeizu m2 miniにFlyme OSがリリースされました。


Update log
Fix: Some problems caused by machine restarts
Fix: Some compatibility issues Google office suite
FIX: unlock the phone, even now the state of the desktop display to add a floating widget of the problem
Fix: call custom reply interface hang up, press the power button does not lock the screen problem
Fix: Click on the notification bar in the middle position, even now drop down the status bar at the top of the interface card problem
FIX: After opening the Task Manager screen when the phone is vertical, to the application lock, switch to the next horizontal screen mode brings up the Task Manager, view the lock icon on the part of the application is blocked problem
Repair: Desktop sporadic circulation error problems
FIX: After you insert the headset into the micro-channel contact lookup, click into the chat window after the system volume smaller problem
FIX: guest mode automatically after quenching screen immediately press the power button bright screen, directly into the master mode problem
FIX: display power charger plugged 99%, indicating unplug the charger 100% of the issue

Optimization: Optimize performance WI-FI
Fix: Even now call a silent problem
Fix: Even now unable incoming phone problem
Fix: make Internet phone calls is now even unusual problems
FIX: contact list does not appear even now heading back problems contact number

Optimization: Part page transition effects screen anyway
FIX: Do not display photographs, a browser interface display unusual problems

Easy Mode
Fix: Easy mode receives MMS, after exiting the easy mode, MMS reception failure problems
Fix: Easy mode the system language is set to English dial display problems
FIX: Contacts list is sorted easy mode without problems arranged in numerical size
FIX: When adjusting the ringer volume in simple mode calls, will also play two tones sound problems
Fix: background play music, click into the easy mode voice broadcast information, there are two problems while playing sound
Fix: Easy mode into the entire application, and then click to open or close the add applications to the desktop button, all applications in all application switch can not be opened or closed issues

Security center
Fix: some strings translation wrong question
FIX: card a card II display traffic problem of overlapping pool

Set up
Go to Settings application ringtone failures again to jump to third-party application settings set the tone after: Repair
Fix: Click dual card and portable hotspot network, the switching system language more out of Estonia and Portuguese issues

FIX: UUCall installed telephone network, even now after answering an outside call sound from the speaker out of the question
Fix: Hot-swap Telecom 3G card terminal, the terminal registered network shows CARD 1, you can not call in question
FIX: call reject, animation Caton delay problem

Fix: In slow motion mode camera, video screen noise too many problems
FIX: Slow main camera to take pictures under the lens mode, shoot pictures with severe serrated, poor picture quality problems
Optimization: results from your camera

Voice assistant
Optimization: Optimization voice assistant adjust the screen brightness effect
FIX: Using Voice "Close GPS", the status bar to open the GPS icon still shows problems

Personalization center
FIX: Topic list into the theme from the local online page add a comment, suggesting that "comments failure" problem


中国電信(China Telecom)版Meizu m2 mini用 Flyme OS (Android 5.1.0)
サイズ:923 MB (968,807,441 バイト)
ディスク上のサイズ:923 MB (968,810,496 バイト)