Flyme / Global)がリリース

Flyme / Global)がリリース


Meizu MX4に続き、国際版(International / Global)版のMeizu製スマートフォンにFlymeがリリースされました。






















  • Meizu Pro 5
  • Meizu MX5
  • Meizu MX4 Pro
  • Meizu m2 note
  • Meizu m2 mini
  • Meizu m1 note


System update
Added support of overnight update

Setup Wizard(m1 note,m2 note,MX4 PRO,MX5,PRO5)
Added a setting item for users to select their country or region.

Improved home screen layout
Fixed an issue where WhatsApp couldn’t receive messages when the phone had been in standby mode for a while.
Fixed an issue where the download notification couldn’t be swiped away from the notification shade after the download of an app was stopped before it was completed on Google Play.

Added alert of high battery consumption apps.
Added a permission control to block undesired views on lock screen.
Added display of battery remaining on the lock screen when the super power-saving mode is on.
Fix an issue where tapping “Learn More” in Security > Data > Data Saver would go back to the previous menu.
Fixed app download failure on Play Store

Added a “Flash alert on incoming call” toggle in Phone Settings.

Improved the interaction on the on-going call screen so that pressing and holding the “Hang up” button won’t end the call until it was released.
Fixed an issue of significant battery drain incurred by the phone’s constant network search when no SIM card was inserted.
Fixed an issue where a “Group name already exists” prompt would display when users tried to remove a contact group, which made the action unable to be performed.
Fixed an occasional issue where an incoming call from a stranger couldn’t be answered until after the number was saved as a contact.

Added several editing options to Vault, including “Create new folder”, “Move”, and “Rename”.
Added display of file/folder moving progress and a “Stop Moving” option in the notification and the dialog when files/folders are being moved to Vault.
Improved the layout of images in Photos > All Files.
Improved the update strategy for Vault.
Fixed an unexpected quit that occurred occasionally when Vault was opened.

Lock screen
Altered the notification shade so that it can only be opened by pulling down from the top on the lock screen.
Adjusted the charging animation to the middle position of the screen.

Improved the invocation of camera by third-party apps.
Improved the shutter sound.
Fixed an issue where manual setting of exposure was effective for only one shot.
Fixed an occasional issue where the enablement of gridlines couldn’t take effect.
Fixed an issue where when the app switcher was opened from the camera mode selection screen, the camera icon was displayed in incorrect size.
Fixed an issue where when both the exposure time setting slider and the timer were enabled, the countdown and the slider would overlap on the screen when tapping the shutter for the second time after a photo had been taken.
Fixed an issue where locked photos could be viewed after the camera was switched to GIF mode and then back to Auto mode.

Improved the refresh speed of Gallery.
Fixed an unexpected quit of Gallery observed when users tried to set a certain picture as wallpaper.

Status bar
Optimized the immersive effect
Changed the notifications of screenshot taken to heads-ups.
Enlarged the DND icon displayed in the status bar
Fixed an issue where a download rate of 0 KB/s was displayed in the pulled down notification shade while the actual rate was over 2 MB/s as shown in the status bar.

Optimized the user interface for Alarm on the lock screen.



Meizu Pro 5
サイズ:661 MB (693,937,282 バイト)
ディスク上のサイズ:661 MB (693,940,224 バイト)



Meizu MX5
サイズ:694 MB (727,960,075 バイト)
ディスク上のサイズ:694 MB (727,961,600 バイト)



Meizu MX4 Pro
サイズ:595 MB (624,326,393 バイト)
ディスク上のサイズ:595 MB (624,328,704 バイト)



Meizu m2 note
サイズ:618 MB (648,175,426 バイト)
ディスク上のサイズ:618 MB (648,175,616 バイト)



Meizu m2 mini
サイズ:656 MB (688,566,847 バイト)
ディスク上のサイズ:656 MB (688,570,368 バイト)



Meizu m1 note
サイズ:690 MB (723,658,428 バイト)
ディスク上のサイズ:690 MB (723,660,800 バイト)






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