Flyme Stableがリリース

Flyme Stableがリリース


2017年Q4の安定版となるFlyme Stableがリリースされました。

Change Logは最下部に有ります。


Flyme betaはこちら



This firmware is a Chinese version, so some Chinese applications have already been installed.








Meizu PRO 6 Plus
サイズ:1.25 GB (1,344,270,096 バイト)
ディスク上のサイズ:1.25 GB (1,344,270,336 バイト)



Meizu PRO 6/6s
サイズ:1.47 GB (1,586,974,400 バイト)
ディスク上のサイズ:1.47 GB (1,586,974,720 バイト)



Meizu PRO 5
サイズ:1.17 GB (1,257,368,192 バイト)
ディスク上のサイズ:1.17 GB (1,257,369,600 バイト)



Meizu MX6
サイズ:1.48 GB (1,599,369,945 バイト)
ディスク上のサイズ:1.48 GB (1,599,373,312 バイト)



Meizu M5 Note
サイズ:1.37 GB (1,473,917,129 バイト)
ディスク上のサイズ:1.37 GB (1,473,921,024 バイト)



Meizu M3 Max
サイズ:1.41 GB (1,518,871,524 バイト)
ディスク上のサイズ:1.41 GB (1,518,874,624 バイト)



Meizu M3E
サイズ:1.40 GB (1,508,863,839 バイト)
ディスク上のサイズ:1.40 GB (1,508,864,000 バイト)



Meizu M3 Note
サイズ:1.37 GB (1,478,323,767 バイト)
ディスク上のサイズ:1.37 GB (1,478,324,224 バイト)



Stable version change log
Function adjustment
Update Android Security Patch for Mobile Security (PRO 6 / PRO 6s / MX6 Follow-up)
Add Meizu certified safe free network, no password input, the use of more peace of mind
Screenshot sharing, screenshots display thumbnails and shortcuts, sharing should be fast one step

• Game mode
Adjust game resource allocation strategy to enhance game fluency
Support switch game keyboard mode, do not easily change the input habits
New floating ball switch options, free and easy, the game more fun
Path: Settings - Accessibility - Game Mode - Game Assistant
Mark strange calls, suggesting that the call source, the game is not distracted
Added "TIM" shortcut entrance, office information no longer missed
Automatically adjust the screen brightness, clear interface, the game is more enjoyable
Extend the disappearance of red envelopes notification time, I have to red cap

• Safe home
New "one-click report" function, fraud prevention, urgent
Optimized positioning display logic, when the guardian to exit safe home, the guardian will also withdraw from the page

Interesting hit attack, comes with filters and beauty features, add a variety of creative wallpaper, so Selfie more personality
Path: Camera - Top left mode selection - Fun beat
Update camera algorithm, optimize night shooting, dynamic adjustment of photo brightness, black and then bright can also shoot
Optimize exposure compensation, reduce sensitivity, and expand exposure compensation range, support for third-party App calls

• Application avatar 2.0
Adapt to more third-party applications, an application of two accounts, easy to sort out the work life, to be more focused
Path: Settings - Accessibility - Appointments

Meizu wallet
Add Meizu Pay, open Alipay, support the use of two-dimensional code quick payment, pay as soon as possible, action handsome
Wake up quickly: double-click the primary key to wake up, wake up the bottom left corner of the lock screen (PRO 5 / PRO 6 PROs are not supported)
Path: Settings - Accessibility - double-click the primary key
Add real-name authentication, optimize fingerprint payment, payment more convenient

• Do not disturb
Support to set the independent do not disturb period as well as the date and time to grasp (PRO 5 / PRO 6 PROs are not supported)
Path: Settings - Do Not Disturb - Timing Enable - Add a time period

• Input
English input support for locking caps, your habits you choose
Path: Settings - Language and Time - System Input - Caps Lock
No long press the input box, the contents of the clipboard automatically pop-up paste options, reply more efficient
Click the cursor position or double-click the input box any text pop-up shortcut bar, the operation more convenient
Thesaurus upgrade again, according to the input key intelligent retrieval, improve input efficiency

• Theme beautification
Add live wallpaper, make the desktop more personal
Path: Theme Landscaping - Wallpapers - Live Wallpapers

Optimize multi-tasking background killing logic, the use of more fluid
Dual-card conditions, support in the notification bar shortcut switch in the network card
Support the use of hover ball switch avatar tasks, respect each operating habit
Do not play the hang-up tone when mute / do not disturb / do not answer the phone
Page browsing process, click the status bar automatically return to the top, to improve reading efficiency

Problem improvement
Solve the problem of slow boot
Repair camera flash back phenomenon
Repair calls without vibration phenomenon
Repair interest-screen display incomplete phenomenon
Solve the call recording function failure problem
Solve the problem of unable to use fingerprint to unlock
Solve the call can not be automatically lit / black screen problem
Solve the notification bar and the lock screen does not display the problem of missed calls
Resolve Wi-Fi Security Vulnerabilities Caused by "Krack" Solve Other User Feedback Problems