Meizu Pro 5用Flyme OS betaがリリース

Meizu Pro 5用Flyme OS betaがリリース


Meizu Pro 5用Flyme OS betaがリリースされました。


Change Log | Flyme OS beta For MX5 / PRO 5 / charm blue metal

Change Log | Status Bar
· Optimization: Update MX5 / PRO 5 GPS alert icon notification bar
· Fix: status bar displays the real-time speed is not the right questions
· Fix: After setting a password lock screen state quenching screen calls, caller interface does not show the problem notification bar

Change Log | Mobile housekeeper
· Since the launch management: "cut off from each other to start the application" feature upgrades, entrance moved "since the launch of management" - "mutual start" wake each other freely set the application permissions to view the applications intuitive wake each other records, to eliminate the family bucket Applications
· Desktop shortcut: Rights Management Add "desktop shortcut" management function, to avoid compulsory third-party applications to generate a desktop shortcut

Change Log | INFO
· SMS Card: Smart SMS upgrade automatically extract key information SMS notification class generates beautiful clear "message card"
· Delete SMS: SMS Notifications bar increases the delete button
· Optimization: "All messages marked as read" increased transition animation
· Optimization: Optimization remind delete messages when too many strategies to increase the "no reminders" option
· Optimization: Adjustment error message center number, mass text messages all failed feedback strategy
· Fix: receiving a verification code information, even now the system without SMS prompts questions

Change Log | Life Services
· The new revision upgrade, a better user experience
· Buy: Access US group, drink one-stop solution
· Movie: access cat movie, Get Low see films
· Performance: barley net access, performance events everything
· Life: New traffic recharge, flexible optional Xpress

Change Log | Cameras
· Added: PRO 5 camera size new optional 13M

Change Log | Music
· Optimization: Redesign player interface, directly display the download button
· Optimization: Optimization of preload to take color features that make the page display smoother, more layered
· Optimization: Increase the player interface is included in the list of songs click effect, suggesting more intuitive
· Optimization: interface adapter each scroll bar margins, overall use of more beautiful, comfortable
· Fix: play music through DLAN After connecting the device side, you can not use the volume keys to adjust the volume of the issue
· Fix: Problems need to enter the password twice when buying members
· FIX: problem no download lyrics download songs
· Fix: offline caching 100% radio song, the next mobile network access to offline stations reminders "Wi-Fi only available under" problem

Change Log | Newsletter
· Fix: Even now click on the phone icon flash back problems
· Fix: After using QQ synchronization assistant synchronization call record, click Call History list avatar will flash back problems
· Fix: when the number of contacts to enter edit mode, the original number is not segmented display problems
· Fix: After rebooting the phone notification bar have missed call notifications, delete notifications after the restart still problems

Change Log | Input Method
· Optimization: Optimization symbol keyboard switching performance
· Fix: Jiugongge left of the keyboard symbol list scroll bar displayed incorrectly questions
* Fix: squared input "cha", on the left to display a list of what needs to slide "cha" pinyin candidate issue


Meizu Pro 5用 Flyme OS beta (Android 5.1.0)
サイズ:884 MB (927,638,042 バイト)
ディスク上のサイズ:884 MB (927,641,600 バイト)

Source:Flyme OS beta-产品发布-Flyme社区