Meizu MX5(インド版)用Flyme OSがリリース

Meizu MX5(インド版)用Flyme OSがリリース

インド版向けのMeizu MX5にFlyme OSがリリースされました。
Downloading via mobile networks may incur additional charges. If possible,please download via Wi-Fi network.
To avoid loss of data & if required, please perform Flyme or relevant backups before upgrading.
To avoid bricking the phone, do not turn off or reboot the device while upgrading.

Attention:Flyme Account is removed from this version

[Home screen]
Floating notification: Notifications can be displayed in floating mode without interrupting operations.
Multi-task:Card-type multi-task lists are added and can be long pressed to lock an individual application.
Multi-screen mode: Based on the multi-task list, two applications can be displayed at the same time in multi-screen mode in an adjustable ratio (only some specific applications are supported).
Batchicon sorting: Icons can be selected and moved in batch mode to different pages or directories on Home screen by long pressing Home screen and selecting Sorting Icons.
Shake to sort Home screen: Icons on Home screen can be sorted rapidly by entering the Sort Icon mode and shaking the mobile phone.



Added a display in Notification panel to show the app which is currently using GPS, and users can disable it directly on the panel.
Optimized the icon for creating a new event in Calendar,Messages and Memos in which the icon is now put in the middle.
Optimized Wi-Fi connection.
Optimized the Talkback support of system apps.
Optimized the boot speed, which is more prominent whenthe system installs a lot of apps.
Fixed the bug of the mCharge becomes slower than usual after a period ofusing.
Fixed the occasional system rebooting for noreason.
Optimized system translation.
[Notification bar]
Optimized layout: When the notification bar without unread notifications is dropped down, all switches are displayed on it by default; and when the notification bar with unread notifications is dropped down, more options the notifications can be viewed by pull down the zone.
Notification management: In Settings> Notification and status bar >Notifications management, users can configure the notification enabler and priority for each app.
Music display on the locked screen: The cover and lyric of a song can be directly displayed on a locked screen.
Notificationdisplay on the locked screen: In Settings > Notification and Status Bar,users can configure whether to display notifications on the locked screen and whether to light up the screen upon the receiving of a notification.
Floating notifications: Quick replies to SMSs are available in floating notifications.
When sending a message to a group of people, the system will recognize the contact name and send the message with each contact’s name in it.


Floating notification: Incoming calls can be displayed as floating notifications.
Dial: The dial is designed as floated.By swiping the page, users can switch between contacts and call history.
Recording list: In Phone > Settings page, users can view recordings in Voice messages and Call recordings.
Dial switching: In Phone > Settings page, users can enable Switch dialer input method to switch the dialpad betweenT9 mode and full keyboard mode by tapping the bottom left keypad symbol on dialpad.
Adjust the Phone settings option where users can define the messages for rejecting anincoming call.
Added a new feature which users can answer a phone call by long press the volume key.

Hidden content

Brand new design: The Setting page is adjusted in the aspects of interaction and functional grouping.
Added search function in Settings. Now users can enter keywords to search related options and features.
Volumeclassification: Volume can be managed by classification in Settings > Soundand Vibration > Volume.
Network sharing: A Wi-Fi network can beshared via QR code by tapping a Wi-Fi hotspot in Settings > WLAN.
Preferred network: A network can beconnected preferably by tapping a Wi-Fi hotspot in Settings > WLAN
Battery management: The power consumption order is optimized, so that software and hardware power consumptionis displayed separately.
Default application: Default applications can be specified for specific categories in Settings > Apps> Default apps.
Simulated colors: The color space can besimulated in color blindness mode or in amblyopia mode in Settings >Accessibility > Developer options > Simulated color space.

Battery management: The option ‘Historydetails’ is added to the power consumption page and specific usage can beviewed by time period and status.
Optimized: Options related to filtering notifications on the locked screen in visitor mode are optimized.
Optimized: Settings can be performed in multi-screen mode.

Permission management: In Permissions> ‘Disable linked launching of apps’ can be used to track linked app launching behaviors and cut off the awaking path.
The Harassment blocking function ismoved to the security center and unknown numbers and hidden numbers can beblocked.
Cache clearing whitelist: App caches,redundant APKs, and app residuals can be whitelisted to prevent unexpected removal.
Scheduled clearing: The Scan and clearoption is added to scheduled cleaning for convenience.
Data usage on the notification bar: Aswitch for displaying data usage on the notification bar is added in Data >Settings.
Phone acceleration: Apps running on the background can be disabled to accelerate the operating speed of the mobilephone.
Quick scan and one-key optimization: The health status of the mobile phone can be known upon entering the interfacewithout waiting. All problems can be fixed with one key.
App detecting: Fake apps can be detected to prevent potential risks.
Privacysecurity: enhanced permission management for privacy protection.

The Toolbox app is added.
Flashlight: Three-gear brightness adjustmentand the SOS mode are supported.
Mirror: Normal, distorted, rotated andsymmetric mirror effects are available.
Compass: Orientations and longitudes andlatitudes can be displayed.
Level: The levelness can be viewedvisually.
Ruler: Measuring in cm and inch issupported.
Magnifier: The torch mode is supported,so that the magnifier can be used at night.
Shortcut: Frequently used tools can beadded as desktop shortcuts.
Added: The delete function is added tothe share interface of mirror photo shooting.

Home page: A brand new design is appliedin the home page.
Window: The layout of tabs in the windowis optimized.
Tool bar: The bottom tool bar is added to allow more visualized operations.

Floating window: Video playing in floatingwindows is supported in Video app which perfectly achieving Picture in Picture.Seamless switching between floating and full-screen playback is supported without buffering.

Fixed the bug when there is no music has been recently played, the app would show ‘1 song’ inRecently played section.
Fixed the bug when no‘ X songs’ is displayed under ‘Recently added’ section.
Fixed the crash downissue when tapping the icon on the top right corner.

Photo favorites: Photos can be added tothe Favorites directory for quickviewing.
Custom cover: Users can replace thecover with another picture by long pressing the cover of a directory.
Small-sized photo filtering: The switchfor clearing small-sized photos is added to Gallery > Settings to make thegallery tidier.
Directory hiding: Directories users donot want to display can be hidden directly by long pressing the directories.
Weekly view of photos: Switching betweenthe month view and the week view can be performed conveniently by pinching tozoom.
Photo editing: The photo editingfunction is optimized with filter and mosaic adjusting functions.
Wallpaper setting: The wallpaper setting function is optimized to support custom the fuzzy level and overlap patterns.

Exchange rate search: Exchange rates canbe searched for directly by pressing country names.
Unit operation: Operations can bedirectly performed between different units.

Batch deletion: Clocks and the worldclock can be deleted in batch mode by long pressing them.
Time scale: The timer can be adjusted tothe time scale pattern.
Optimized the directory structure and providedfile classifications.
Remote management: The remote managementvia FTP function is added, so that files in the mobile phone can be manageddirectly on a computer in the same Wi-Fi network without connection using adata cable.
Hidden directory or path: Users canspecify whether to hide a directory or path in File > Setting.
Display of storage capacity: The remaining storage capacity is displayed on the home page of File Explorer.
Display: Detailed file names can beviewed by adjusting the file name display length.

Theme switching: The theme switchingfunction is added and four themes with different plates and fonts are embedded.
Memo searching: The memo searchingfunction is added for ease of searching for memos.
Text sharing: The function of sharing memos in text mode is added.
Doodle: A drawing board can be inserted directly for doodling.
Automatic numbering: Numbers can becreated automatically for memos during memo editing.
Recording video: Recording video can beselected during insertion of recording.
Home screen widget now allows users toquickly create a memo with audios and photos, and the widget can display fullmemo contents now.

Added more preset colors.

Added a floating icon by which users cancreate a new event.
Added interval display: The interval between the current date and the target date can be viewed quickly from the topleft of the calendar by tapping any target date.
Notice: The notice display on the notification panel can be canceled by swiping them.

Account setting: The functions of adding accounts by email type and automatically configuring account information areadded. The entry to Google accounts is added.
Gesture to zoom: Theme cards support gestures to zoom. Users can view details of the theme cards more conveniently.
Attachment: The attachment management function is added and the display location of attachment in emails is optimized.
Search: The searching speed is greatly improved and key words are highlighted.

[Start up]
Fixed the bug of skipping service selecting page when booting an international version phone.


Meizu MX5(Indian) 用 Flyme OS (Android 5.1.0)
サイズ:817 MB (856,930,450 バイト)
ディスク上のサイズ:817 MB (856,932,352 バイト)

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