Meizu MX5用Flyme OS betaがリリース

Meizu MX5用Flyme OS betaがリリース


Meizu MX5にFlyme OS betaがリリースされました。


Update log
Status Bar
Optimization: update notification bar GPS Alert icon

New: contact details page Support Click picture for a larger view
Added: Contact Details page to add "blacklist removal" feature
Optimization: Optimization batch delete call records and group batch delete experience
Optimization: Optimization hidden account deleted contacts logic
Optimization: missed call notification highest priority adjustment to the default
Optimization: Optimization Yellow Pages search experience
Optimization: Optimization float notice easy to inadvertently problems
Fix: use Internet phone call-back missed the telephone network, the resulting record is an ordinary phone call problem
Audio message received dual card standby, recording a message notification bar does not show the underlying problem Cards: Repair

Fix: download network MMS can not communicate via HTTP Flyme problem

Set up
Optimization: Set split-screen mode

the weather
Added: living index Click to see more features added

Optimization: notification bar Click to reply to messages, while marking the message as read state

Documents Management
Optimization: storage disc hide locked area, the lock area resident show in my collection

User Center
Optimization: User Center Home new revision
Optimization: Optimization modify the location, the search municipalities experience
Fix: initial login account after adding a new delivery address, enter the (district / county) List region, the problem of incomplete data loading
FIX: integral recording could not be loaded question

Optimization: Optimization Copywriting Tips various scenarios
FIX: Books Detail screen display problems abnormal state without network
Fix: User interface display problems are not logged center abnormal
FIX: end of the process leading to the problem of incomplete update bookshelf

Optimization: support Sogou input method icon is displayed

Lock screen
FIX: Stop End background tasks after playing music, lock screen still displays the music player problem

Fix: Even now interface display problems in reading mode


Meizu MX5用 Flyme OS beta (Android 5.1.0)
MD5:970 MB (1,017,674,061 バイト)
SHA1:970 MB (1,017,675,776 バイト)

Source:Flyme OS beta-产品发布-Flyme社区