Meizu MX5用Flyme OSがリリース

Meizu MX5用Flyme OSがリリース


Meizu MX5にFlyme OSがリリースされました。


Change Log | Telephone
· Optimization: Built-in high-definition picture Yellow Pages increase contacts
· Optimization: Yellow Pages search function to increase Html 5 entrance, including (a taxi, express delivery, housekeeping, etc.)

Change Log | INFO
· Optimization: Notification bar quick reply page increase keyboard frosted glass effect
· Optimization: the same contact sent multiple messages in the notification bar shows "Reply" button

Change Log | Status Bar
· Optimization: update signal network type and headphones and other icons

Change Log | Desktop
· Optimization: Optimization drop-down notification bar experience
· Optimization: Finishing increase bulk folder icon to open animation

Change Log | Settings
· Fix: guest mode, you can call up by searching hidden in the settings menu problem
· Fix: gesture wake switch failure problem
· Fix: opening timing DND, the point does not automatically quit after problems Disturb
* Repair: system language of the Hong Kong Traditional (Chinese), the menu will open suspension ball flash back problems

Change Log | Clock
· Optimization: Expand the slide area timer dial
· Optimization: Increase the bottom button click effect alarm edit interface

Change Log | Cameras
· Optimization: Updated interface and interaction of third-party applications from your camera after the call

Change Log | Gallery
· Optimization: Managing album list and backup lists multiple selection function to increase slide
· Fix: by content classification process Click to go to Unclassified folder to open a picture gallery flash return desktop problem

Change Log | voice assistant
· Optimization: voice assistant adds support for maps
· Fixed: Voice assistant interface contact picture display is not the right questions

Change Log | Input Method
· Optimization: When quick click of voice input, even now Caton problem
· Optimization: Adjustment Sogou hot word update mechanism

Change Log | Calendar
· Optimization: Event Details screen of invitees increased pending state
· Optimization: update a list of all the visual effects bomb box options
· Optimization: Update constellation dropdown Animation
· Fixed: non-Chinese mode, you can not display problems Hugh classes
· Fix: After clearing the calendar to store data subscription account unusual problems

Change Log | Find the phone
* Fix: Local unlock the problem of failure
· Fix: phone connected to the computer open storage disk, after a successful lock can still see the contents of the phone on a computer storage disk problems

Change Log | Documentation
· Optimization: Reconstruction of decompression

Change Log | Theme beautify
· Fix: Download icon in the status bar animations without problems
· Fix: Click Smart Wallpaper Preview unresponsive problems

Change Log | Toolbox
· Optimization: Compass update mechanism to adjust the data to show more accurate

Change Log | Mail
· Optimization: landing the account, click the password box on the right button to display the password in plain text


中国通用(No Career)版Meizu MX5用 Flyme OS (Android 5.1.0)
サイズ:947 MB (993,251,231 バイト)
ディスク上のサイズ:947 MB (993,251,328 バイト)

Source:Flyme OS beta For MX5-产品发布-Flyme社区