Meizu MX5用Flyme OSがリリース

Meizu MX5用Flyme OSがリリース


Flyme OS 5.0のテストバージョンがリリースされました。


Change Log | System
· Fix: insert removable card display CMCC problem
· Fix: Under Traditional Chinese , the installation interface part of the text is not translated questions
· Fix: Level insensitive questions

Change Log | Locker
· Fix: after opening a password lock screen, gesture wake problem can not decline to open notification bar

Change Log | Settings
· Portable hotspot : portable hotspot When setting a password , the new "Display plaintext password " option

Change Log | third-party applications
· Fix: 12306 application can not connect the issue of railway network can not be used

Change Log | notification bar
· Fix: Under Traditional Chinese , notification bar switch panel network mode and settings are not uniform issue

Change Log | System Upgrade
· Fix: Now click on the "restart" will continue to download firmware , firmware double the size of the problem after the download is complete
· Optimization : Expand the "current version" Click Range

Change Log | Weather
· Optimization: Reconstruction weather curve animation

Change Log | Download Manager
· Fix: Click the New Task button , elastic frame animation Caton problem
· Fixed: Switching sliding around " download / downloaded" when Caton problem

Change Log | Browser
· Fix: login screen pops up and return system input method issue can not be used

Change Log | WLAN
· Optimization: Optimization of WLAN hotspot settings screen visual display
WPS connection problems disappear search for WPS setup interface after entering the Wi-Fi advanced settings: · Repair

Change Log | Bluetooth
· Fix: When searching for devices , the paired Bluetooth name flashed the old name issue

Change Log | Input Method
· Fix: voice input even after the end of the current entry without identifying content issues
· Fix: Jiugongge keyboard , slide the problem can not be selected

Change Log | notes
* Fix: Long Weibo , the English title of the letters are cut off at the bottom of the problem

Change Log | Cameras
· Optimization: Update slow motion video preview size
· Fix: horizontal screen shot GIF will cause the camera crash
Change Log | Music
· Fixed: In some cases the problem will pop up "Data Upgrade " page.
· Fix: Now Playing screen, press the Home key to exit after re-entering , it will automatically return to the previous screen issues

Change Log | Security Center
· Fix: Unknown Number interception does not take effect after the switch is turned on

Change Log | Life Services
· Optimization : Support jump from the account center to the movie Home
· Optimization: Updates life style coupons coupon title

中国通用(No Career)版Meizu MX5用 Flyme OS (Android 5.1.0)
サイズ:934 MB (980,333,279 バイト)
ディスク上のサイズ:934 MB (980,336,640 バイト)

Source:Flyme OS beta For MX5-产品发布-Flyme社区