Meizu MX4(FlymeOS)版用Flyme OS 4.5.7がリリース

Meizu MX4(FlymeOS)版用Flyme OS 4.5.7がリリース


Flyme OSを搭載しているMeizu MX4に安定版としてFlyme OS 4.5.7がリリースされました。

Update log
Optimization: improve the performance of power performance
Optimization: improve Flyme networking service experience
Optimization: Press the power button to restart the bomb frame response time longer issue
Optimization: Adjust the automatic light sensing algorithm
Fix: automatically change the system time of issue

FIX: When you use the high current call Unicom card problem
FIX: Can not add from Contacts problems blacklist
FIX: After hot-plug SIM card STK menu to restart the phone can cause loss problem

Fix: Even now unlock the screen after the desktop appears stuck questions
FIX: Uninstall encrypted applications again after installing the application problems still to be encrypted

FIX: full-screen playback of online video, the problem can not be adjusted after the progress bar to adjust the video resolution

Security center
Repair: WLAN network ranking, this week showed incorrect usage problems
FIX: leisure traffic today would have been used to the use of statistical data in the normal flow problem

Power Wizard
Fix: Under Wi-Fi environment have an account login Desktop backup data into the system is not restored after notification of problems

Jump animation adjustment share a single contact, click vcf files: The Optimization
FIX: When you first add an account, character input position and the cursor position does not match the problem

Fix: Use even now slip back to the Home button when the camera stuck questions

FIX: After entering the personal center click wallpaper will flash back problems

FIX: night mode is displayed as a white problem in Baidu input box to bring up the input method
Fix: restore the backup bookmark will be two issues the default directory

Find the phone
Fix: phone replacement SIM card, it can not automatically obtain the new number of issues

Repair: Some scenes even now Caton problem

Game Center
Optimization: The first time you enter, Caton problem occurs when the slide list or switch the page


中国通用(No Career)版Meizu MX4用 Flyme OS 4.5.7A (Android 5.0.1)
サイズ:739 MB (775,207,704 バイト)
ディスク上のサイズ:739 MB (775,208,960 バイト)

Source:MX4/MX4 Pro Flyme 4.5.7稳定版固件-产品发布-Flyme社区