Meizu MX4用Flyme OSがリリース

Meizu MX4用Flyme OSがリリース


Meizu MX4にFlyme OSがリリースされました。


Change Log | MX4 Pro / MX4 ​​/ Charm blue note

  • Change Log | envelopes assistant
    • Normal mode: enabled by default, plus voice prompt window through suspension, so that the message is more eye-catching red. Click the floating window or shake your phone, you can quickly enter the red list of conversations
    · Speed ​​Mode: Open "Settings - Speed ​​grab a red envelope Accessibility - - red assistant ', the bright screen state, received a red envelope message to automatically jump to a list of conversations; lock screen, just unlock to jump to conversation list
    · Tone settings: Go to "Settings - Accessibility - red assistant - new red tone," the old white, Yang Yan, Li Nan tone customized version of any election!
  • Change Log | Information
    · Mass assistant: you can send a message with its call based on recipient names bulk SMS
    · SMS Card: Smart SMS upgrade, SMS notification class automatically extract key information to generate beautiful clear "message card"
    • Floating notice: support floating notification SMS quick reply and copy the code
    Intelligent SMS: SMS Smart Update menu, more powerful
    Change Log | system
    · Home key: Home key interactively adjust MX4 and charm blue note, touch to return to the stage, slide back to the desktop
    · Optimization: Optimization System of support for Talkback
  • Change Log | Desktop
    • Floating Notification: Notify new float, to avoid the operation was interrupted
    * Multitasking: new card multi-task list, long press to lock individual applications
    · Split Screen Mode: Multi-screen mode to create a task list, while using two applications, you can adjust the window proportions
    · Batch finishing icons: Long press to select "Finishing icon," batch select an icon to move a different desktop or folder
    · Shake finishing the desktop: enter 'Finishing icon "mode, shake your desktop tidy quick recovery
    · Folders are automatically named: create the folder, depending on the application type automatically folder named
  • Change Log | lock screen
    · Lock screen music: Add music lock screen, lock screen display directly covers and lyrics
    · Lock screen notifications: Settings - notifications and status bar, select whether to display the notification in the lock screen to screen new notification is lit.
  • Change Log | telephone
    • Floating notice: Add call notification float
    · Dialpad: Suspended dial plate design, support slide switch contacts, call records, the Yellow Pages
    * Online Yellow Pages: New Independent Online Yellow Pages, online services one-touch access
    · Correction Yellow Pages: Yellow Pages for online identification number, the error correction can take the initiative in the contact details
    · Number Tags: against harassment calls, support for online marking the contact details
    · T9 search: T9 search optimization, support for search in the call log strange numbers and local numbers Yellow Pages
  • Change Log | Flyme communication
    • Switching number: Change number support VoIP bound
  • Change Log | Settings
    * New design: adjusted for interaction and functional grouping
    · Search: New search function, support for the use of text and voice search settings
    · Suspension Ball: slide gestures Add "button to open the menu" option
    · Capacity management: Optimizing power ranking, classified display hardware and software power consumption
    · Default application: Settings - Application Management - a default application, support for different categories set default application
  • Change Log | Map
    · Added "map" APP
    · Virtual navigation: Support 360 degree panoramic display navigation, add custom navigation Categories
    · Sidebar: support slide in the map sidebar from the left edge of the screen, to experience more personalized features
    · Route Planning: support car, on foot, bus route planning and navigation
    * Metro Map: detailed subway lines, including first and last time at each site
  • Change Log | Read
    · Added "Read" APP
    · Individuality Columns: All columns are free to subscribe and become your personal library
    · Reader: from simple to complicated, supporting features such as night mode
    · Import Books: support importing EPUB, txt, mobi and other text formats
    · One yuan yield sections: one yuan buying daily Te Jiashu
    · Limit free: daily limit of 6 free downloads
  • The change log | input method
    · Search Legend: Pinyin state, for the search box on the input screen Lenovo Instant Support
    Full-screen handwriting: New full-screen handwriting keyboard input more casual
    · Symbols keyboard: new independent symbols keyboard, keypad lock symbol support continuous input symbols and expressions
    · Sense of vibration switch: to enter the input settings screen, select whether to open Vibrate on keypress
    · On the skin: increased skin dark switch
    · Expression: optimization emoji expression form
  • Change Log | Mobile housekeeper
    · Mutual start: free wake-up each other permission settings, to visualize the application record wake each other, to prevent family bucket Applications
    · Desktop shortcut: add "desktop shortcut" management function, to avoid compulsory third-party applications to generate a desktop shortcut
    Garbage clean-whitelist: app cache, redundant installation package, application uninstall remnants supports adding whitelist avoid false cleanup
    · Regular cleaning: regular cleaning new "scan and clean" option, rubbish more peace of mind
    · Notification bar traffic information: traffic management - setting new "Notification bar shows the flow of information" switch
  • Change Log | camera
    · GIF shooting: new GIF shooting modes, easy homemade face pack
    • Time Watermark: Camera - set new time switch watermark
    · Voice camera: Camera - setting new voice switch pictures
    • Manual mode: increase saturation, contrast and white balance adjustment option
    · Scan code: Cancel the camera scan code mode, the new "sweep the" independent APP
  • Change Log | sweep the
    · Added "sweep the" APP
    · Scan code: supports barcode or two-dimensional code scanning recognition
    · Cover: supports scanning to identify music album covers, book covers and posters
    · Card: Support business card recognition, you can add contacts directly
    · Local Images: Add local support image scanning recognition
  • Change Log | Gallery
    Map Mode: Gallery - Set to display photos on the map, generate personalized travel map
    · Scene classification: Photo - menu - click "by content category," according to the picture content intelligent classification
    · Pictures: Favourites favorite pictures in the Favorites Quick View Folder
    · Custom Cover: Press folder covers, like the replacement of the cover image
    · Filter Small size: Gallery - setting new filter small picture switch, gallery cleaner
    * Silent backup: Gallery - setting new silent backup switch, enabled by default
    · Is hidden: press folders, hidden files do not need to directly display the folder
    · Week view photo: two-finger zoom, switch between month and week views, more convenient management
    · Photo Editor: Optimize photo editing, free to adjust the level of the filter and mosaics
    • Set wallpaper: Set wallpaper function optimization, support for custom level of blur and overlay pattern
  • The change log | Calculator
    Exchange rate search: when the rate of exchange to support direct search by country name
    · Unit operations: unit conversion time support direct operation
    · Uppercase conversion: Press and calculated results can be directly converted to uppercase digital
    · Currency Update: "conversion" increased shake feature updates exchange rates
  • Change Log | clock
    · Weekday Alarm: Alarm repeat support legal working time
    · Batch delete: Support long press batch delete alarm and world clock
  • Change Log | Documentation
    · Design: Optimizing directory structure, file classification provides entrance
    · Remote Management: New FTP remote management capabilities under the same Wi-Fi environment, without phone line management data file directly on the computer
    * Hide folder: Documents - set free to choose whether to show hidden folders / directories
    · Storage space display: Docs displays the remaining storage space, click to jump to store information page
    · Display: Adjust the length of the file name is displayed, you can view more detailed file name
  • The change log | Cloud Storage
    · Capacity View: New cloud disk to use capacity for the function
    · Search: search cloud disk support function
    · Online Preview: no need to download the source code and support for more document formats Online Preview
  • Change Log | Find phone
    · Report the loss mode: add a key report the loss, report the loss after the phone is temporarily restored to factory condition, an archive of all private data (pictures, video, etc.), make sure the phone is lost, the private data will not be disclosed
    · On-line reminder: after the phone is lost without waiting for the phone line, report the loss as long as the on-line will immediately notify the owner SMS
    Intelligent Reminder Alarm: When the phone is lost in the vicinity do not know the exact position, the intelligent use reminder alarm function, the phone automatically sound
    · Send message: Finding cell phone service built dialogue channel, even if the lost phone is not inserted SIM card, you can still carry on a dialogue with each other
  • Change Log | notes
    · Switching topics: new theme switching capabilities, built-in themes four different layouts and fonts
    · Notes Search: New search notes for a more convenient
    · Share Text: Add text form of sharing notes
    · Graffiti: Graffiti Sketchpad inserted directly support
    Automatic ID: No support is automatically created when editing notes
  • Change Log | User Center
    · New Independent User Center App
    · User level: New user rating system, to enhance the level to get more privileges
    · Supplementary information: Supplementary support user details
    · Integral Center: new integration center to support exchange gifts, earn points, points lottery
    * Order Management: add "My Orders" page, easy to manage accounts Order
  • Change Log | Weather
    · Interface: The new weather interface, you can view more content in Home
    · Weather widget: 4 * 2 new weather clock widget, click the plug respectively into the area around the clock and weather app
    · Urban management: direct display of weather information in different cities in urban management interface
    · Weather warnings: New weather warning function to support and friends to share early warning information
  • Change Log | Calendar
    · Constellation almanac: Support in Calendar View Home with constellation almanac information
    · Suspension Ball Event: New event suspension ball, quick to create a new event
    · Calendar projection device: new calendar projections, supports projected date, the time interval calculated and well Lunar conversion
    · Interval Display: Click on any date, the number of days in the upper left corner of the calendar date Quick View
    · Notification: Notify the Permanent cancellation notification bar, slide cancel

Meizu MX4用 Flyme OS (Android 5.1.0)
サイズ:816 MB (856,549,535 バイト)
ディスク上のサイズ:816 MB (856,551,424 バイト)

Source:Flyme OS 稳定版 (暨新春特别版)-产品发布-Flyme社区