Meizu m3 note用Flyme OS Stableがリリース

Meizu m3 note用Flyme OS Stableがリリース


4月11日に販売された、2016年度のmシリーズスマートフォン、Meizu m3 note用Flyme OSがリリースされました。

先日リリースされたFlyme OSの修正版となります。



Update Log

  • system
    FIX: proximity sensor during a call failure
    FIX: extreme power saving mode sporadic touch screen unresponsive

  • WLAN
    Optimization: Optimization of Wi-Fi performance, improve connection stability

  • camera
    Optimization: Optimize performance results before and after the camera
    Fix: Use Master Lu View this configuration, the front display 3.7 million pixels

  • communication
    FIX: dual card standby, two cards are now even without service, you need to reboot to normal home network
    FIX: After you insert the card does not support VoLTE VoLTE support plug change the mobile card, no HD HD voice icon

  • video
    Fix: Open in mobile data networks and Wi-Fi case, indicating the current video playback to mobile networks

  • map
    FIX: real lack of radar and navigation arrows show



Meizu m3 note用 Flyme OS (Android 5.1.0)
サイズ:0.99 GB (1,067,194,835 バイト)
ディスク上のサイズ:0.99 GB (1,067,196,416 バイト)