Meizu m1 note(中国電信版)用Flyme OSがリリース

Meizu m1 note(中国電信版)用Flyme OSがリリース


中国電信版向けのMeizu m1 noteにFlyme OSがリリースされました。

こちらのMeizu m1 noteだけ未だにKitKatのFlyme OS 4.0でFlyme OS 5.0が提供されるのか不安のあるモデルです。


Update log
Even now restored to update the screen upside down question

New classification polymerization subscription
Added article comments can point like, at the same time there are popular reviews
New users can comment spam to report

Domestic services
Add a personal interface new design center
Add new travel services interface design, adding real-time by car, on foot navigation
New coupons arrived in price to bind movie function
New Personal Order Management

New Square recommendations and columns icon
New meeting Disturb mode
Added Chinese language by default Monday week start date adjustment

Added notification bar display alarm sounds, click Display alarm bomb box support or turn off the alarm
Optimization modify the alarm list screen, alarm control switch to the right

application Center
After ignoring the new batch update, set to ignore application settings are no longer prompted been updated
Added the "installed" batch uninstall application functionality
New zero flow update, simply open the "silent install" in the settings, you can in the absence of intrusive zero flow automatic updating applications

Game Center
New game packs entrance
New real-time search hot words

Replace the paper's new animation

New keyboard keys Collapse
New cloud Pinyin input
New candidate inertial sliding bar

Optimal adjustment of Home Layout
New songs song knowledge, support for song and sing songs knowledge knowledge song
Added Now Playing interface can trigger a slide volume control
New photo-sharing features lyrics
Open new song files from document folder, a folder can play all the songs in the playlist and displays
New local songs and folders interface alphabetical list of songs to add navigation
One can add a single new song recommendation reasons
Added folder support and two singles to find ways subdirectories
You can delete the local file is removed when new music
Optimization modify lyrics browse and playback mode of operation

Added Tudou video resources
New suspension player supports intelligent docking window edge
Optimization of online video player can be rotated automatically switch the screen anyway with the phone
New video details page supports direct switching to suspension window

New telephone recording file search function


中国电信(China Telecom)版Meizu m1 note用 Flyme OS (Android 4.4.4)
サイズ:881 MB (923,868,434 バイト)
ディスク上のサイズ:881 MB (923,869,184 バイト)