Meizu m1 metal用Flyme OSがリリース

Meizu m1 metal用Flyme OSがリリース


Meizu m1 metalにFlyme OSがリリースされました。


Change Log | Flyme OS stable version (cum New Year Special Edition)

  • Change Log | envelopes assistant
    • Normal mode: enabled by default, plus voice prompt window through suspension, so that the message is more eye-catching red. Click the floating window or shake your phone, you can quickly enter the red list of conversations
    · Speed ​​Mode: Open "Settings - Speed ​​grab a red envelope Accessibility - - red assistant ', the bright screen state, received a red envelope message to automatically jump to a list of conversations; lock screen, just unlock to jump to conversation list
    · Tone settings: Go to "Settings - Accessibility - red assistant - new red tone," the old white, Yang Yan, Li Nan tone customized version of any election!
  • Change Log | Information
    · Mass assistant: you can send a message with its call based on recipient names bulk SMS
    · Optimization: Optimization of multiple-choice list of the main interface experience, too many sessions to resolve when checking Caton problem, reduce the time of the top animation Caton
    · Optimization: Optimization of the main interface batch marked as read when Caton problem
    · Optimization: Optimize SMS card algorithm, repair some user feedback parse error problem
  • Change Log | User Center
    · Activities: the grab points against the active line, low integral spike prizes Click here for details
    · Optimization: Home users new revision
    · Optimization: Optimization modify the location, the search municipalities experience
    · Fixed: Could not load integral recording problems
  • Change Log | system
    · Optimization: Optimization System of support for Talkback
  • Change Log | lock screen
    · Fix: install third-party lock screen lock screen you can skip the question
    · Fixed: Unplug the charger after charging animation does not go away
    · Fixed: the lock screen music background songs will not be switched with the song, music show and playing a song does not comply
  • The change log | notification bar
    · Optimization: Suspension notification display time from 10 seconds into a 5 seconds
    · Fixed: In English mode drop-down status bar that displays only the date, day of the week does not show a problem
    · Fix: Open mobile instant real-time speed data display problems exception
  • Change Log | Communication
    · T9 search: T9 search optimization, support for search in the call log strange numbers and local numbers Yellow Pages
    · Call reject: adjusting phone settings options, call reject SMS support custom settings
    · Answer key: New Growth Press the volume key to answer the call function
    · Optimization: Long press the call recording option card eject dial, menu editing
    · Optimization: Online correction support number will be marked as "private number"
    · Optimization: Yellow pages increased contact details online service portal
    · Optimization: select a contact interface, support for select groups, the entire group can batch select all contacts
  • Change Log | Audio
    · Fixed: using the headset mode to play music in the background, entering the music volume will become a big issue again
    · Fix: Open the equalizer, use headphones to listen to music when the phone, hang up the phone there sonic boom
    · Fix: Open QQ handsfree voice or video, you can not press the volume keys to adjust the volume of the video or voice QQ
  • Change Log | Mobile housekeeper
    · Security Privacy: Privacy rights management to enhance security
    · Optimization: low battery indicator support custom power-saving mode selection
    · Fixed: Ultimate power under receive a text message does not display unread SMS notification problem
    · Fixed: Some Google services plug-in icon appears blank
  • Change Log | Weather
    · Weather warnings: Weather warnings under the new switch, adjust the alarm logic, a number of early-warning information, the default display only the most recent one
    · Weather widget: 4 * 2 new weather clock widget, click the plug respectively into the area around the clock and weather app
    · Font: Weather optimization application for third-party fonts adaptation
  • The change log | browser
    · Cloud Acceleration: New cloud acceleration, compression province flow speed browsing, save up to 80% of the traffic
    · Novel Card: Join fiction cards, real-time updates from various quarters net culture, spoiled for choice
    · Hot words Card: Add hot word cards, easy to grasp the dynamic real-time news
    · Optimization: Optimization about interface switching animation, use more smoothly
    · Optimization: Redraw multi-window view animation, jumps more freedom
  • Change Log | Video
    · Video comments: Add comment feature, support for the comments point Like
    · Video thumbs: support for the likes of video thumbs
    · Optimization: change the page structure, the page switching animation smoother
  • The change log | input method
    · Search Legend: Pinyin state, for the search box on the input screen Lenovo Instant Support
    · On the skin: increased skin dark switch
    · Symbol: "Common" symbol keyboard to the most recently used symbols
    · Expression: optimization emoji expression form
    · Optimization: handwriting input method engine upgrade and enhance the recognition rate
  • Change Log | File Management
    · Optimization: optimize file management - Remote interface layout
    · Optimization: picture category Add folder name is displayed Notes
    · Optimization: Optimize cloud disk image browsing search results order
    · Optimization: Modify the logic operation is performed in the cloud disk search page
    · Fixed: part of the installation package icon displayed incorrectly issues
    · Fixed: cloud disk upload music and video files to fail
    · FIX: When you install / uninstall SD card, continues to display the Install / Uninstall
  • Change Log | WLAN
    · Optimization: Wi-Fi passwords in plain text box increase button
    · Optimization: Increase the wrong cue for enterprise Wi-Fi authentication type
  • Change Log | System Upgrade
    · Optimization: Modify silently download logic, immediately notify the download is complete
    · Optimization: download failed to adjust after notification alert style
  • Change Log | install external applications
    · Safety Testing: increased risk warnings and official test for external applications installed
  • Change Log | Settings
    · New: Security - Device Management and credentials to increase "unofficial channels install applications" risk warning switch
  • Change Log | sweep the
    · Added: Increase scan business cards functionality, you can add contacts directly after scanning
    · Optimization: Modify the Home interface and operation logic, support slide switch mode
    · Optimization: Modify judgment no recognition results logic
    · Optimization: Optimization touch focus

Meizu m1 metal用 Flyme OS (Android 5.1.0)
サイズ:963 MB (1,010,808,802 バイト)
ディスク上のサイズ:963 MB (1,010,810,880 バイト)

Source:Flyme OS 稳定版 (暨新春特别版)-产品发布-Flyme社区