Meizu m1 metal用Flyme OS betaがリリース

Meizu m1 metal用Flyme OS betaがリリース


Meizu m1 metal用Flyme OS betaがリリースされました。


Change Log | Flyme OS beta For MX5 / PRO 5 / charm blue metal

Change Log | Locker
· Fix: Even now when anti inadvertently prompted, double-click the volume keys can not exit anti inadvertently mode problem

Change Log | Newsletter
· Optimization: support call recording playback headset wire, double-click to play the next song, a song playing on the three strikes
· Optimization: enabled by default "intelligent recognition unknown number" switch
· Optimization: Adjustment call recording of background player logic
· Optimization: Home key to search for contacts when you adjust interaction rules
· Optimization: the call log "Reject" and "ringing sound N" state standard red display
· Optimization: adjust contact details page "correction" button position
· Optimization: background play call recording, you can pause the slide takedown notice
· Fix: call log, Flyme communication online contact does not have problems, "online" logo
· Fix: call log to add markers as slow display update problems

Change Log | INFO
· Optimization: Adjust double-click to view full screen animation content
· Optimization: SMS conversation right corner to increase the contact details of the entry buttons page
· Optimization: Adjust SMS settings, default on "delivery reports" switch and "Show MMS theme" switch
* Fix: Long press information session content sporadic problems unresponsive

Change Log | Cameras
· Fix: charm blue metal after entering the gallery return to the viewfinder screen will black screen problem

Change Log | Weather
· Fix: fast slide switch cities, the problem of slow switching speed animation
· Fix: from weather plug into the weather, the city shows no problem to plug prevail

Change Log | Gallery
· FIX: When a third-party application calls gallery, inconsistent status bar font color problems before and after the preview image
* Fix: Preview large image after returning to the thumbnail interface, the status bar turns white issue

Change Log | Recorder
· Optimization: When adjusting the background recording notification bar display

Change Log | Documentation
· Optimization: Optimization sorted by file type, collation document class file
· Optimization: presentation and icons increase class file compression package file name suffixes
· Optimization: Classification sorted by name, the right to increase the alphabetical index tab
· Fix: connected device via OTG greater than 1T, the storage space to display only integers problem
· Fix: Cloud upload music and video files disk failure problems
· FIX: When you extract rar archive, the progress bar disappears questions contain multiple files
· Fix: Charm Blue metal may prompt sdcard corruption issue

Change Log | Meizu map
· Optimization: Expand map display range, ensure search results show all

中国通用(No Career)版Meizu m1 metal用 Flyme OS beta (Android 5.1.0)
サイズ:883 MB (926,436,781 バイト)
ディスク上のサイズ:883 MB (926,437,376 バイト)

Source:Flyme OS beta-产品发布-Flyme社区