Meizu Pro 6(Global / International)版用Flymeがリリース

Meizu Pro 6(Global / International)版用Flymeがリリース


国際版のMeizu Pro 6(M570H)にFlymeがリリースされました。



中国版のMeizu Pro 6用Flymeは以下の記事をご覧ください。







Status bar
Added a “heads-up notifications” toggle and an “alert” toggle in Settings > Notification and status bar > Notifications management.

System update
Fixed garbled text displayed in changelog.
Improved trigger conditions for overnight update.

Added a shortcut toggle for Data Savor to the pull-down menu.
Fixed incorrect national flags displayed on the country and region selection screen in Setup Wizard.
Fixed an issue where touching the mBack button failed to bring back the previous screen.
Refined system translations.

Fixed an issue where tapping a letter in the alphabetical index scrollbar failed to direct the user to corresponding files or magnify the letter.
Fixed failure to upload files larger than 2 GB.
Fixed an issue where tapping “uploads” in Cloud Disk would result in an unexpected quit, and the app would return to the previous screen.

Fixed an issue where disabling Bluetooth to disconnect a Bluetooth-shared network didn’t turn off the real-time network speed display.
Fixed an issue where, after switching between two dual channel Bluetooth earphones repeatedly and then turning off Bluetooth on them, the earphone icon persisted in the phone’s status bar.
Fixed an occasional issue where WLAN couldn’t be turned on, and the network settings screen would be skipped.
Fixed absence of unanswered incoming or outgoings calls in call logs.
Fixed an issue where, when a dialed number was entered using the dialpad, its call log was incorrectly marked as an incoming call in the search result. 

Fixed failure to continue installing a third-party app after toggling on “install apps from unknown sources”.
Fixed overlapping text displayed when the system scanned and installed an app downloaded from an unknown source.

Fixed overlapping of keyboard and emergency call prompt on the PIN entry screen in super mode.
Fixed an issue where, when a“7% battery remaining” prompt popped up following a 10% battery prompt that hadn’t been closed, the 10% battery prompt wouldn’t disappear when charger was plugged in.
Fixed crash of certain third-party apps while in use.

Lock screen
Show “you have 1 new message” instead of a summary in notification content when notification preview on lock screen is disabled.
Fixed an issue where the background of the notification shade became transparent when pulled down after notifications were removed from the lock screen.
Fixed screen flashing observed when unlocking the phone.
Fixed an occasional issue where, after repeating the process of launching camera from the lock screen and then locking the screen again several times on a charging phone, the lock screen would no longer display the charging animation.

Fixed an issue where certain photos were unclear when Gallery was opened from Files.
Fixed uneven margins in the grid list of photo thumbnails.

Added a Multi-Frame Low Light mode to improve the quality of photos taken at night 
Optimized panorama algorithm.
Increased the speed of thumbnail generation for photos taken in square mode. 
Fixed failure of auto-focus that occurred right after Camera was launched.
Fixed abnormal battery consumption caused by Camera’s invocation of GPS.

Changed the style of the pop-up menu brought up by long pressing a call log.
Fixed an issue where the following prompt would be displayed when the user tried to export a large number of contacts from another phone: “The system is busy. Please try again later.”

Fixed an issue where the screen color scheme would restore to adaptive mode automatically after being set to colorful mode.


Meizu Pro 6用 Flyme
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